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We Cater to all textures and types of hair we are a multicultural hair salon no matter
what the service is weather it is hair weaves or chemical process

Ethnic Hair Care, Black stylists, Salon, San Diego, CA

Innovations 2000 Hair Salon, located in San Diego, California, has excellent stylists that specialize in ethnic hair care services in addition to our outstanding hair weaving services, hair relaxers, curls, waves and body perms, and hair styling services!

Hair Weaving Services
Customize your look today! Innovations 2000 Hair Salonis a black hair salon that offers hair relaxers, full or partial hair weaves and bonded hair weave options for you to choose from. Come in or call one of our black stylists today!



The price range as well as the time frame for our hair weaving service by one of our black stylists varies on the amount of hair you wish to add to your natural hair. Quick weaves are a easy way to change your look, in a short amount of time, for any occasions. See one of our black hair salon stylists today!

Relaxers & Perms
We offer a free consultation for all chemical services, as well as our hair weaves, before they are applied to your hair. There are several different types of perms that we offer. There is no standard perm or relaxer product that can be applied to everyone. We also offer treatments for thinning hair, and damaged hair from colors or chemicals use. Conditioning Super packs help to promote and maintain healthy hair. We will customize one just for your hair type and needs.



For your families barbering needs, come see our barber, Miss Elain. She specialises in all cuts. Call today - (877) 454-8330

Curls, Waves and Body Perms
Tired of your relaxer? Letting your hair grow out of your existing perm? Press and curl doesn't hold up to you active life style? Try a wave or body perm. It is a natural looking hair style that gives you more freedom and less time in the salon. This would be the choice for you!  Body perms and curls are less abrasive to the hair and they give you the look of naturally good hair. Examples of the look would be Mariah Carey, Eva Pickford (America's Top Model).

Hair Styling
Innovations 2000 Hair Salon offers all the classic styles up to the new trends. We create looks and styles designed for each clients' needs. Our hair styling services provided by one of our black hair stylists include hair weaves, up-do's and bobs, pony tails, french rolls, pin curls, body waves, curls, Shirley temple's, wraps, crimps, flat iron, shampoo sets, press & curls, and much more.  
The price range is $45 – $100 depending on your preferences and specifications.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment for your ethnic hair care needs,
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 San Diego, California.

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